By Baude Cordier (Chantilly Manuscript) via Wikimedia Commons

Happy Valentine's Day! Today's show juxtaposes songs about happy lovers with those who are unhappy for one reason or another. 

  • Claudio Monteverdi: T'amo mia vita. Performed by The Consort of Musicke. L'Oiseau/Lyre 410291. Anon: I love unloved. Performed by The Royal Wind Music. Lindoro 0118.
  • Baude Cordier: Belle, bonne, sage. Performed by Ensemble Organum. 
  • Dieterich Buxtehude: Ich suchte des Nachts in meinem Bette, BuxWV 50. Performed by Andreas Karasiak, tenor and Klaus Mertens, bass, with the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra. Challenge Records CC72244.
  • John Dunstable: Quam pulchra es. William Cornysh: Adew, mes amours. Performed by Lionheart. Nimbus 5512.
  • Ludwig Senfl: Allein dein Huld. Performed by Roland Götz, organ. Ungnad begehr ich nit von ihr. Performed by Tore Denys, tenor, and La Caccia.
  • Performed by the Baltimore Consort, and soprano Custer LaRue: Callino (instrumental) and Joy to the Person of my Love. Dorian 90235.
  • Closing music: Claudio Monteverdi: Questi vaghi concenti. Performed by The Consort of Musicke. L'Oiseau/Lyre 410291.


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