Memling angel musicians 02

Hans Memling, Angel Musicians. Public Domain.

Rich in color and texture, music for many voices awaits you on this week's show, with works by Scheidt, Gabrieli, Gombert, Praetorius, and more. 

  • Samuel Scheidt: Paduan a 4. Performed by the Ricercar Consort.
  • Giovanni Gabrieli: Jubilate Deo a 8, performed by Liuwe Tamminga at the Lorenzo da Prato organ of San Petronio, Bologna. Exaudi me Domine a 16. Performed by The Huelgas Ensemble, from '40 Voices'. 
  • Nicolas Gombert: Regina Coeli a 12. Performed by Odhecaton. Robert Wylkynson: Jesu autem transiens a 13. Performed by The Sixteen.  
  • Michael Praetorius: Jesaja dem Propheten a 20. Performed by The Gabrieli Consort and Players. 
  • Annibale Padovano: Kyrie-Christe-Kyrie from Missa a 24. Performed by The Huelgas Ensemble. 
  • Thomas Tallis: Spem in Alium a 40. Performed by The Huelgas Ensemble. 
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