Boleyn songbk page

A page from Anne Boleyn's Songbook. Public domain.

'Mistres ABolleyne nowe thus'. These few letters link Henry VIII's second wife to a songbook containing music by Josquin, Brumel, Mouton, and many anonymous composers. We'll hear selections from a recent release featuring Alamire, with mezzo-soprano Claire Wilkinson, lutenist Jacob Heringman, and harpist Kirsty Whatley, directed by David Skinner, which was nominated for a BBC Music Award. 

  • Tota pulchra es (Mouton), Venes regrets, venes tous (anon.), Fer pietatis opem miseris mater (anon), Laudate dominum omnes gentes (anon), Maria Magdalena et altera Maria (anon.) 
  • Jouyssance vous donneray (de Sermisy), Forte si dulci Stigium boantem (anon), O virgo virginum (anon), Paranymphus salutat virginem (Compere), Gentilz galans compaignons (anon), Tempus meum est ut revertar (Fevin), Sicut lilium inter spinas (Brumel)
  • O Deathe rock me asleep (Anon., sometimes attributed to Anne Boleyn)
  • Popule meus quid feci tibi (Anon.)
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