3 hb kaiser maximilian

Hans Burgkmair, Emperor Maximilian on Horseback, 1518. Public Domain. 

Various works by a composer who was called the ornament of his age: Guillaume Dufay. The centerpiece is a performance of his Missa 'L'Homme Armee', featuring Cantica Symphonia. 

  • Guillaume Dufay: Nuper Rosarum Flores, motet for the dedication of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence (1436). Performed by the Hilliard Ensemble. 
  • Guillaume Dufay: Franc cuer gentil & Se la face ay pale (Buxheimer organ book). Performed by Joseph Payne. Quel fronte Signorille in Paradiso. Performed by Gothic Voices. J'ay mis mon cuer et ma pensee. Performed by the Amadis Ensemble. 
  • Guillaume Dufay: Missa 'LHomme Armee'. Performed by Cantica Symphonia.
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