Machaut 1

Guillaume de Machaut shown in a French manuscript, c. 1350. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

Songs for St. Nicholas, motets by Guillaume de Machaut, and a preview of Texas Early Music Project's upcoming concert!

  • From 'Miracula- Medieval Music for Saint Nicholas' (12th-15th centuries) featuring Ensemble Peregrina: Benedicamus devotis mentibus, Gaudeat ecclesia, Sanctissimo pontifici, Gaudens in domino/Jube domne, Benedicamus regi sydero, Stampede, Nicholai presulis. 
  • Retrové, from the Robertsbridge Codex (c. 1360). Performed by Guy Bovet at the organ at the Basilica of Valere, Sion, Switzerland. 
  • Motets by Guillaume de Machaut: Veni creator spiritus, Lasse! je sui en aventure, Se j'aim mon loyal ami. 
  • From 'Night and Day- Sephardic Songs of Love and Exile' featuring Texas Early Music Project: Una matica de ruda, La comida de la manana, Rahelica baila, La rosa enflorece (closing music). 
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