This week we're spending time with one of the greats of the Renaissance: Orlando di Lasso, who was said to have 'stolen his harmonies from Heaven'. We'll hear his Missa Tous les Regretz, motets and madrigals, with performances by the Huelgas Ensemble, Weser Renaissance Bremen, and The Toronto Consort. 

  • Nicolas Gombert: Chanson: Tous les Regretz. Performed by Capella Alamire.
  • Orlando di LassoMissa Tous les Regretz. Performed by The Huelgas Ensemble.
  • Orlando di Lasso: No giorno, Tu traditora, Appariran per me. Performed by The Toronto Consort. Dorian 80149.
  • Orlando di Lasso: Introitus, Lauda Jerusalem, Magnificat. From 'Eine Marienvesper', performed by Weser Renaissance Bremen. CPO 777 182
  • From "Roland de Lassus: Biographie musicale vol. III" featuring Egidius Kwartet & College: Beau le cristal, Bestia curvatia, Sine Texta 8, Evehor invidia pressus.


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