Ghent altar detail mary

Jan van Eyck, detail of the Ghent Altarpiece. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

One of the first Franco-Flemish composers to make his mark in Italy. We'll hear a selection of his sacred and secular music, performed  by Currende, the Newberry Consort, and Ensemble P.A.N.

All works composed by Johannes Ciconia (c. 1370-1412)

  • Credo, performed by Currende. Ligiadra donna, performed by The Newberry Consort. 
  • All other tracks come from 'Homage to Johannes Ciconia', performed by Ensemble P.A.N.: Istampitta 'Amor per te sempre', O Padua, sidus praeclarum, Regina gloriosa, Aler m'en veus, O Rosa Bella, Ben che da vui donna, La ray au soleyl, Petrum Marcello Venetum, Chi nel servir antico, Una panthera, O virum omnimoda.
  • Closing Music: O Pretre, Christi discipule. 
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