Bernard de ventadorn

Bernard de Ventadorn depicted in a medieval vida. Public domain via Wikimedia commons. 

Today's show features music from the 12th-14th centuries, including troubadour songs, an early polyphonic mass, organ works, and a "new" piece from the 12th century! 

  • 2 anonymous organ pieces, performed by Raimund Schächer at the historic instrument (15th or 16th century) located in Oosthuizen, the Netherlands: Felix namque & Kyrie. 
  • Messe de Tournai (anon.). Performed by Trio Mediaeval. 
  • Bernard de Ventadorn: Totz altres joys, performed by Millenarium. Can vei lauzeta mover, performed by Daniel Johnson, voice and psaltery. 
  • Da pacem domine, from 'Chant of the Knights Templar', performed by Ensemble Organum. 
  • From 'Ars elaboratio', performed by Ensemble Scholastica: Sancti baptiste & Velos impulit. 
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