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"Kyrie" from the "Missa Ecce ancilla Domini" by Johannes Ockeghem, from the Chigi Codex. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

We're spending some time with one of the greats of the early Renaissance: Johannes Ockeghem, with his Missa Quinti Toni from a new release featuring Beauty Farm, plus chansons and a motet! 

All works composed by Johannes Ockeghem (c.1420-1497) unless specified otherwise. 

  • Missa Quinti Toni, performed by Beauty Farm.
  • Petite Camusette and D'ung aultre amer, performed by La Caccia and Capilla Flamenca. S'elle m'amera, performed by the Orlando Consort. 
  • Josquin des Prez: Nymphes des Bois (Lament on the death of Ockeghem). Performed by the Orlando Consort. 
  • Alma redemptoris mater, performed by The Clerks Group. 
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