373px perotin   alleluia nativitas

Perotin, Alleluia nativitas. Public Domain via Wikimedia commons. 

Music from the early days of polyphony, composed by representatives of the Notre Dame School around the year 1200. Join Texas Early Music Project for their upcoming concert and hear this remarkable music live! 

All works are anonymous, unless specified otherwise.

  • Benedicamus domino, performed by Theatre of Voices. Pange melos lacrimosum, performed by Lionheart.
  • Perotin: Alleluia nativitas. Performed by the Hilliard Ensemble. Virgo flagellatur, performed by Theatre of Voices. 
  • Mors, performed by Theatre of Voices. Isaias cecinit, performed by the Hilliard Ensemble. Ave virgo virginum, performed by Lionheart.
  • Sanctus Christe yerarchia, performed by Texas Early Music Project with soloist Temmo Korisheli. 
  • Instrumental arrangement of 12th century Aquitanian polyphony & Dic Christe veritas (Phillip the Chancellor) performed by Sequentia.
  • Gaude Maria, performed by Lionheart.
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