Florence aerial view 1490

Aerial view of Florence, 1490. Public domain. 

Heinrich Isaac passed away exactly 500 years ago on the airdate of this program, and we're honoring his legacy with great performances of his music! 

All music composed by Heinrich Isaac (c. 1450-1517) unless specified otherwise.

  • Angeli, Archangeli. Performed by The Clerks Group.  
  • La Morra, Tart ara, La mi la sol, En l'ombre d'un buissonet. Performed by Capilla Flamenca and Oltremontano.
  • Missa de Apostolis. Performed by The Tallis Scholars. 
  • Lust hab ich g'habt zur Musica, excerpt (Ludwig Senfl) . Performed by Charles Daniels, tenor, and Fretwork. Der Hund. Performed by Brisk Recorder Quartet. 
  • Closing music: La Battaglia, performed by Currende. 
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