Altdorfer easter cropped

Albrect Altdorfer, Christ's Resurrection (Auferstehung Christi), 1518. Image courtesy of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. 

Celebratory music for Easter from the Protestant and Catholic traditions by Michael Praetorius and Giovanni Gabrieli, with performances by Weser Renaissance Bremen and the Gabrieli Consort and Players. 

  • From 'Ostermesse' by Michael Praetorius, performed by Weser Renaissance Bremen: Victimae paschali laudes, Erstanden ist der heilige Christ, Christ ist erstanden, Jesus Christus unser Heiland, Haec est dies quam fecit Dominus. 
  • From Venetian Easter Mass, performed by the Gabrieli Consort and Players: Toccata prima del quinto tono (excerpt- Merulo), Surrexit Christus (chant), Surrexit Christus a 11 (G. Gabrieli), Intonazione del quinto tono (A. Gabrieli), Missa 'Congratulamini mihi'- Gloria (Lassus), Sonata octavi toni a 12 (G. Gabrieli), Victimae paschali laudes (chant), Hic est filius Dei a 18 (motet- G. Gabrieli), Toccata settima del ottavo tono (Merulo), Sonata con voce 'Dulcis Jesu a 20' (G. Gabrieli). 











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