• Samuel Scheidt: Paduan a 4. Performed by the Ricercar Consort.
  • Giovanni Gabrieli: Jubilate Deo a 8, performed by Liuwe Tamminga at the Lorenzo da Prato organ of San Petronio, Bologna. Exaudi me Domine a 16. Performed by The Huelgas Ensemble, from '40 Voices'. 
  • Nicolas Gombert: Regina Coeli a 12. Performed by Odhecaton. Robert Wylkynson: Jesu autem transiens a 13. Performed by The Sixteen.  
  • Michael Praetorius: Jesaja dem Propheten a 20. Performed by The Gabrieli Consort and Players. 
  • Annibale Padovano: Kyrie-Christe-Kyrie from Missa a 24. Performed by The Huelgas Ensemble. 
  • Thomas Tallis: Spem in Alium a 40. Performed by The Huelgas Ensemble. 
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