Rombouts lute player

Theodoor Rombouts, The Lute Player, c. 1620. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

Today we'll sample engaging music by composers I'd never heard of before a new CD landed on my doorstep! 

  • Paolo da Firenze (c. 1355-1436): Altro che sospirar & Amor mi stringe. Performed by Club Medieval. 
  • Firminus Caron: Helas que pourra devenir mon cueur. Performed by the Huelgas Ensemble. 
  • Romanus Weichlein: Sonata III in a minor. Performed by Ensemble Masques. 
  • David Pohle: Paratum cor meum. Performed by tenor Hans-Jörg Mammel & L'Arpa Festante. 
  • Georg Dietrich Leyding. Praeludium in C, performed by Friedhelm Flamme at the Christian Vater Organ, built in 1724, located in the St. Petri-Kirche in Melle, Germany.
  • Performed by La Morra: Pneuma / Veni / Paraclito / Dator (de Grudencz), Ballade (textless) (Nicholas de Radom), Virelai (textless) (Johannes Holandrinus?), Mit ganczym willin – Der winter der wil weychen (Anon.), Plaude euge theotocos, Psalteriis et timpanis, Promitat eterno (de Grudencz). 
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