Hildegard von bingen

Illumination from the 'Liber Scivias' showing Hildegard of Bingen receiving a vision and dictating to her secretary, c. 1150. Public domain via Wikimedia commons.  

Music from medieval Germany, from the sublime to the sensual! Per-Sonat, Sequentia, and the Clemencic Consort perform pieces from Carmina Burana, and ecstatic visions from Hildegard of Bingen. 

  • Unter der Linden (poem by Walther von der Vogelweide) & Nachtanz im Wiener Hofton. Performed by Sabine Lutzenberger and Per-Sonat. 
  • From 'Lost Songs of a Rhineland Harper' featuring Benjamin Bagby and Sequentia: Felix qui potuit boni, David reges inclita proles, Puella turbata (instrumental), Suavissima nunna. 
  • Hildegard of Bingen: Responsorium 'O vis aeternitatis', performed by Sequentia. Antiphon 'Aer enim volat' (instrumental) & Responsorium 'O lucidissima Apostolorum turba'. Performed by Sabine Lutzenberger and Baptiste Romain. 
  • From 'Carmina Burana', performed by the Clemencic Consort: Ave nobilis venerabilis Maria, Nomen a solempnibus, & Bacche, bene venies (closing music). 
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