800px voorhout domestic music scene

Johannes Voorhout, A Musical Company, 1674. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

This week's show follows the development of stylus fantasticus from its Italian origins to the Germans who took the style to its zenith. 

  • Dario Castello: Sonata in d minor (1629). Performed by violinist Bjarte Eike and members of I Fagiolini.
  • Girolamo Frescobaldi: Toccata Quinta, "sopra i Pedali, e senza". Performed by Liuwe Tamminga at the historic instruments of San Petronio, Bologna. 
  • Johann Jakob Froberger: Toccata II and Toccata XIX. Performed by Alina Rotaru on the original Ruckers harpsichord in Neuchatel. 
  • Matthias Weckmann: Toccata in a minor, performed by Gustav Leonhardt, harpsichord, & Sonata No. 9 a 4, performed by Quicksilver. 
  • Dieterich Buxtehude: Praeludium in F sharp minor, BuxWV 146, performed by Ton Koopman at the Coci/Klapmeyer organ in Altenbruch. Sonata in a minor, BuxWV. Sonata in a minor for violin, viola da gamba and basso continuo, BuxWV 272. Performed by the Amsterdam Baroque Soloists. 
  • Nicolaus Bruhns: Praeludium in G. Performed by Ton Koopman at the Bielfeldt organ in Stade. 
  • Antonio Bertali: Sonata No. 10. Performed by Quicksilver. 
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