Rubens duke of lerma

Peter Paul Rubens, Equestrian Portrait of the Duke of Lerma (1603). Public Domain via Wikimedia commons. 

Today's Ancient Voices revisits the marvelous 2-CD set called 'Music for the Duke of Lerma' featuring the Gabrieli Consort and Players, a reconstruction of vesper music as it may have been heard in Lerma during a two-week celebration for King Philip III given by his valido, the Duke of Lerma, in 1617. 

  • Anon: Cançión. Antonio de Cabezón: Tiento para órgano. Mateo Romero: Dixit Dominus a 16. Philippe Rogier: Credidi. Francisco Guerrero: Lauda, Jerusalem. Juan de Urreda: Tiento para órgano. Tomás Luis de Victoria: Magnificat a 12, tono VI. 
  • Philippe Rogier (?): Cançión a 5. Philippe Rogier (?): Cançión Regina caelia laetare. Philippe Rogier (?): Cançión a 5. Alonso Lobo: Ego flos campi a 4. Juan de Urreda: Pange Lingua a 5.
  • Tomás Luis de Victoria: Salve Regina a 8. Nicolas Gombert: Mon seul a 7. 
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