Salzburg 1791 anton amon nach franz von naumann

Salzburg in 1791. Anton Amon after Franz von Nauman. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

Emperor Leopold I knew good music, being a talented composer himself, and he made Johann Heinrich Schmelzer the first non-Italian chapel master to serve his court! We'll hear sacred and secular works by Schmelzer, Biber, and Kerll.

  • Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Sonata XII, performed by The English Concert. Gegrüßt seist du & Polnische Sackpfeiffen, performed by Marieke van der Sluis, soprano, and Armonico Tributo Austria. 
  • Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Sonata a viol e viola. Heinrich Biber: Sonata VI. Performed by the Ricercar Consort. 
  • Johann Kaspar Kerll: Passacaglia. Performed by organist Adriano Falcioni. Salve Regina & Heinrich Biber: Magnificat, performed by Cantus Colln & Concerto Palatino.
  • Heinrich Biber: Fidicinium Sacro-Profanum - Sonate n° 3 in a minor
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