Honthorst concert

Gerard van Honthorst, The Concert (1623). Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

Composers of the Baroque loved to show off their inventiveness by using continuous variation forms like passacaglia, chaconne, and ground. We'll hear music of this type by Purcell, Buxtehude, Ortiz, and more! 

  • Andrea Falconieri, Ciaconna. Performed by Capella de la Torre. Maurizio Cazzati: Passacaglia. Claudio Merulo: Ciacona. Performed by Ensemble Badinerie. 
  • Henry Purcell: Three Parts Upon a Ground. Performed by Hesperion XXI. Curtain Tune from 'Timon of Athens', performed by The English Concert. 
  • Dieterich Buxtehude: Passacaglia in d minor. Performed by Harald Vogel at the Schnitger organ at St. Ludgeri, Norden, Germany. 
  • Girolamo Frescobaldi: Aria de Passacaglia. Performed by Ingrid Matthews, violin, and Byron Schenkman, harpsichord. Luis de Narvaez: Achas y Buelta del Hacha. Performed by the Harp Consort. Recercada by Diego Ortiz, performed by Hesperion XXI, with Jordi Savall, viola da gamba. 
  • Robert de Visee: Chaconne. Performed by Nigel North, lute. Samuel Capricornus: Chaconne. Performed by Ensemble Echo du Danube. Johann Schieferdecker: Chaconne. Performed by Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra of Hamburg. Antonio Bertali: Ciacona. Performed by L'Arpeggiata. 
  • Giovanni Felice Sances: Lament on the Passacaglia. Performed by Maura Pederzoli, soprano, and Sergio Vartolo, harpsichord. 
  • Jean Baptist Lully: Chaconne. Performed  by Musica Antiqua Köln. 
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