Leven in de brouwerij jan steen in het mauritshuis den haag soo voer gesongensoo na gepepen 300x241

Jan Steen, Leven in de brouwerij. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

A TEMP concert preview with artistic director Daniel Johnson. For more information about Paris City Limits, Part Deux, Sept. 16 & 17, 2017, please visit

  • Amis, buvons (Trad. Burgundy) & L'ennuy qui me tormente. Performed by Texas Early Music Project with soprano Jennifer Thysen.
  • Pennherez Keroulaz, Ton-Bale (Gwened), Ton-Bale (Pleurgad), Ton-Bale (Redene). L'aimante a la grand'messe. Performed by Texas Early Music Project with soloist Cayla Cardiff. 
  • Pour ung plaisir (Sermisy) & Galliard No. 28 (Attaignant) Performed by Becky Baxter, harp.
  • Tant que Vivray (Sermisy) Performed by Catherine Bott & Virelai.
  • Chant de Oiseux (Janequin). Performed by Texas Early Music Project. 
  • Margot labourez les vignes & Jay vu le loup. Performed by Texas Early Music Project. 
  • Toutes les Nuites (Lassus). Performed by the King's Singers.
  • Pavanne & Galliard No 2 performed by Becky Baxter, harp.
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