16th century unknown painters   diptych with margaret of austria worshipping   wga23613

Anonymous: Duchess Margaret of Austria praying to the Virgin Mary (c.1500-1510). Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

This week's show follows the life of Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy (1480-1530), using examples of music she may have known. Pierre de la Rue was the favorite composer of this politically savvy woman who ruled the Netherlands as regent on behalf of the father, Emperor Maximilian I. We'll hear a performance of de la Rue's Missa Sub tuum praesidium, among other works. 

  • Antoine Busnois: Alleluja and Ach Vlaendere vrie (anon.), Performed by Capilla Flamenca. Ma dame, trop vous mesprenes, attributed to Charles the Bold. Performed by Gothic Voices.
  • Loyset Compere: Sile fragor. Performed by The Orlando Consort.
  • Ick hebbe gheen geld, and 2 settings of Tmeiskin was jonck, one by Heinrich Isaac, performed by Oltremontano. 
  • Roti boully ioyeulx & La danse de Cleves. Performed by Capilla Flamenca.
  • Pierre de la Rue (?): Soubz ce tumbel. Performed by Capilla Flamenca and countertenor Marnix de Cat. 
  • Pierre de la Rue: Missa 'Sub tuum praesidium'. Performed by Capilla Flamenca. 
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