Hildegard von bingen

Illumination from Liber Scivias showing Hildegard receiving a vision and dictating to her secretary. Public domain via Wikimedia commons. 

Today's program features music from the 9th-14th centuries, including performances by Trio Mediaeval, organist Guy Bovet, and Sequentia. 

  • Two medieval dances: Trotta and Estampita sirena. Performed by Millenarium. 
  • Rex caeli from 'Musica Enchiriadis' (9th century). Performed by Capella Antiqua München. 
  • Robertsbridge Codex (14th century): Estampie. Performed by Guy Bovet at the historic instrument at the Basilica of Valere, Sion, Switzerland. 
  • O primus homo coruit (repertoire of St. Martial of Limoges). Performed by Ensemble Organum. 
  • Hildegard of Bingen: O splendissima gemma. Performed by Sequentia. 
  • Tournai Mass, performed by Trio Mediaeval. 
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