Troubadour perdigon

The troubadour Perdigon playing his fiddle (13th century). Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

Songs of love and longing by troubadours, trouveres, and Minnesänger like Giraut de Bornehl, Adam de la Halle, and Walther von der Vogelweide. 

  • Estampie Marcabru, arranged by Joyce Todd, and played by Heliotrope. Pax in nomine domini (Marcabru) performed by The Early Music Consort of London, with tenor Nigel Rogers. 
  • Giraut de Bornehl: Reis Glorios. Performed by baritone Paul Hillier, and Stephen Stubbs, medieval lute. 
  • Performed by Heliotrope, and soprano Joyce Todd: Estampie Roine Blance, A Chantar m'er (Beatriz, Countess of Dia), Estampie Guiraut Riquier. 
  • Adam de la Halle: Je muir, je muir. Performed by Ensemble Leones.
  • Jaufre Rudel: Lanquan li jorn son lonc en mai. Performed by Paul Hillier. 
  • Walther von der Vogelweide: Estempie über den Goldener Ton, Unter der Linden, Nahtegal, Prophetentanz, Kranz-Tanz-Lied 'Nemt frouwe, disen kranz'. Performed by soprano Sabine Lutzenberger and Per-Sonat. 
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