Sandro botticelli   three graces in primavera

Sandro Botticelli, The Three Graces (detail from 'Primavera') c.1485. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. 

An ode to the joys of spring, with music by Claude LeJeune, Heinrich Schütz, Guillaume de Machaut, and more! 

  • Francesco Landini: Ecco la Primavera, performed by The Early Music Consort of London. Guillaume de Machaut: Rose, Liz, Printemps, Verdure. Performed by The Orlando Consort. 
  • Anon: Tempus adest floridum, performed by The Oxford Camerata. Anon: This Merry Pleasant Spring & Woodycock. Performed by The Toronto Consort. 
  • From Carmina Burana (13th century): Tempus transit gelidum, Clauso Chronos, Veris dulcis in tempore, Estampie. Performed by Millenarium. 
  • Claude LeJeune: Revecy venir du printans. Performed by The Huelgas Ensemble.
  • Heinrich Schütz: O primavera, performed by Cantus Cölln. Claudio Monteverdi: O Primavera. Performed by Sex Chordæ Consort of Viols. 
  • Closing music: Sonata IV in A major, 'Il Pastor Fido' by Nicolas Chedeville. Performed by The Palladian Ensemble. 
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