This week's show focuses on the popular compositional technique of writing for a repeated bass theme- whether they called them ground, chaconne, or passacaglia, composers like Marais, Purcell and Buxtehude were ostinato masters!

  • Juan Aranes: Chacona: A la vida bona. Diego Ortiz: Recercada sobre tenores. Performed by Hesperion XXI.
  • Henry Purcell: She loves and she confesses. Performed by tenor John Potter. Robert de Visee: Chaconne, performed by Nigel North. Marin Marais: Chaconne, performed by Hille Perl, viola da Gamba. Johann Schieferdecker: Chaconne from Concert in A. Performed by Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra. Antonio Bertali: Ciacona. Performed by Arpeggiata. 
  • Dieterich Buxtehude: Sonata in a minor for violin, viola da gamba, and basso continuo, BuxWV 272.  Ciacona in e minor, BuxWV 160 arranged for two violins, viola da gamba and basso continuo. Performed by Stylus Phantasticus.
  • Claudio Monteverdi: Lamento della Ninfa. Performed by soprano Katharina Hohlfeld and the RIAS Chamber Choir. Andrea Falconieri: Ciaconna. Performed by Capella de la Torre.
  • Dieterich Buxtehude: Praeludium in C major, BuxWV 137. Performed by Harald Vogel at the Huß/Schnitger Organ at St. Cosmae, Stade, Germany.
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