Hits and covers have been around for centuries! This week's program introduces some beloved melodies that were used and reused by various composers, like Tandernaken, La Follia, La Spagna, and L'homme Armé. We'll also learn how a melancholy love song by Hans Leo Hassler ended up in Bach's St. Matthew Passion. Included are performances by Piffaro, Fretwork, and Hesperion XXI.

  • Robert Morton: L’Homme armé. Performed by Capella de la Torre.
  •  Guillaume Dufay: Kyrie from ‘Missa'. Performed by L’Homme Armé Cantica Symphonica.
  • Ludwig Senfl: Tandernaken. Performed by Fretwork.
  • Antoine Brumel: Tanndernac. Performed by Piffaro.
  • Pierre Alamire: Tandernaken op den Rijn. Performed by Piffaro.
  • Jakob Obrecht: T’ander. Performed by Piffaro.
  • Heinrich Isaac: La Spagna. Performed by The Dufay Collective.
  • Anonymous: La Spagna. Performed by The Dufay Collective.
  • Alessandro Scarlatti: Variations on ‘La Follia’. Performed by Mahan Esfahani, harpsichord.
  • John Playford: Faronell’s Division. Performed by Hesperion XXI/Jordi Savall.
  • Emilio de’Cavalieri: La Pellegrina: O che nuovo miraculo. Performed by Huelgas ensemble.
  • Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz: El Gran Duque & Baylete. Performed by The Harp Consort/Andrew Lawrence King.
  • Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck: Ballo del Granduca. Performed by Reinhard Jaud, organ.
  • Hans Leo Hassler: Mein g’muth ist mir verwirret. Performed by Currende/Erik van Nevel.
  • J.S. Bach: Erkenne mich, mein Hüter. Performed by Collegium Vocale Gent/Philippe Herreweghe.
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