Maximilian I of Austria employed some of the finest artists and musicians of his time to glorify his reign and create a permanent legacy. He was known for wanting music in his environment constantly, even when he was alone. We'll hear from the composers who served him, like Isaac and Senfl, plus some of the music that shaped his young adulthood at the Burgundian court.

  • Anon.: La Haulte Bourgogne. Performed by Les Haults Menestrels de Charles le Temeraire.
  • Antoine Busnois: A vous sans autre. Performed by La Morra.
  • Heinrich Isaac: Tart ara. Performed by Oltremontano.
  • Heinrich Isaac: Agnus dei II (Missa La Spagna). Performed by Oltremontano.
  • Heinrich Isaac: La mi la sol. Performed by Oltremontano.
  • Heinrich Isaac: Innsbruck ich muss dich lassen. Performed by Capella de la Torre.
  • Heinrich Isaac: Virgo Prudentissima. Performed by The Tallis Scholars.
  • Ludwig Senfl: Mollis inertia. Performed by Huelgas Ensemble.
  • Ludwig Senfl: Ungnad begehr ich nit von ihr. Performed by Tore Tom Denys & La Caccia.
  • Ludwig Senfl: Lust hab ich g’habt zur Musica (excerpt). Performed by Charles Daniels & Fretwork Im.
  • Paul Hofhaimer: Salve Regina. Performed by Guy Bovet, organ.
  • Anon.: Tanz/Nachtanz. Performed by bFive Recorder Consort.
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