We're celebrating May and composers born in it, with music by Sweelinck, Monteverdi, Byrd, Senfl and more! 

  • Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck: Toccata C3, performed by Stef Tuinstra at the Scherer Organ (1624) St-Stephanskirche, Tangermünde, Germany. Io mi son giovanetta, Hor che soave l'aura, Voicy du gay Printemps. Performed by the Gesualdo Consort.
  • Im maien (Senfl), performed by Tore Tom Denys and La Caccia. The Sweet and Merry Month of May (Byrd), performed by Les Voix Humaines and Matthias Maute, Au mois de May (Sweelinck), performed by the Gesualdo Consort. Kalenda Maya (Raimbaut de Vaquieras), performed by Therese Honey, harp. 
  • O Lusty May (Scottish traditional), La rousée du joly mois du may (Jehan Planson), performed by The Toronto Consort. Revici venir du printemps (Claude le Jeune). Performed by Susie Leblanc and Les Voix Humaines.
  • Johann Jakob Froberger: Toccata II. Performed by Alina Rotaru, harpsichord.
  • Claudio Monteverdi: Vespers for the Blessed Virgin (1610): Selections. Performed by the Taverner Consort, Choir, and Players.
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