A whirlwind tour of the music of the medieval period, with chant, organum, songs by Troubadours and Minnesingers, and music that got Pope John XXII of Avignon hot under the collar! 

  • Selections from "Mass from the year 1000". Performed by Anonymous 4. Kyrie "Orbis Factor" from The Gradual of Eleanor of Brittany. Performed by Ensemble Organum. From the Harmonia Mundi "Sacred Music" box set.
  • Leonin: Alleluya. Pascha nostrum immolatus est. Performed by Red Byrd and Capella Amsterdam. Helios 55328. Perotin: Alleluia Nativitas. Performed by The Hilliard Ensemble. ECM 1385.
  • Marcabru: Pax in nomine Domini! Anon.: La Quinte estampie real. From "Music of the Crusades", performed by The Early Music Consort of London. Walther von der Vogelweide: Vil wol gelopter got. Performed by Ensemble Leones. Naxos 572449.
  • Selections from Ars Antiqua and Ars Nova: Anon: Amor potest and S'on me regarde. Quant je le voi. Performed by The Early Music Consort of London. From "Music of the Gothic Era".
  • Ars Subtilior: Jacob de Senleches: La Harpe de melodie. Performed by The Medieval Ensemble of London. From "Ce Diabolic Chant": L'Oiseau-Lyre 4759119.
  • Guillaume de Machaut: Je puis trop bien. Performed by The Orlando Consort. DG 4776731.
  • Oswald von Wolkenstein: Ach, senliches leiden. Performed by Andreas Scholl, Kathleen Dineen and Shield of Harmony. From "Songs of Myself". HMC 902051.
  • Closing Music: Conrad Paumann: Jeloymors. Performed by Raimund Schächer at the organ of Oosthuizen, the Netherlands (c. 1521). From "Gothic organ music from 1380-1511.
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