This program focuses on medieval woman of letters Christine de Pizan. We'll hear music of her time by Binchois, Machaut, and Landini, plus insights from actress Suzanne Savoy, who portrays the author in her one-woman show, Je, Christine. We'll hear performances by Project Ars Nova, Gothic Voices, and VocaMe.

  • Francesco Landini: Ecco la Primavera. Performed by The Early Music Consort of London.
  • Jacopo da Bologna: Elas mon cuer. Performed by Ensemble Unicorn.
  • Baude Cordier: Belle, bonne, sage. Performed by Ensemble PAN.
  • Anon.: A mon pouir. Performed by Ensemble PAN.
  • Grimace: A l’arme, a l’arme. Performed by Ensemble PAN.
  • Gilles Binchois: Dueil angoisseux. Performed by Gothic Voices.
  • Anon.: A Dieu, mon ami. Performed by VocaMe.
  • Anon.: Dieux! On se plaint trop durement. Performed by VocaMe.
  • Pierre des Molins: De ce que foul pense. Performed by Ensemble PAN.
  • Goscalch: Es nul estate. Performed by Ensemble PAN.
  • Anon.: Ha Fortune. Performed by Ensemble PAN.
  • Guillaume de Machaut: Kyrie. Performed by Diabolus in Musica.
  • Gilles Binchois: Bien Puist. Performed by Amadis Ensemble.
  • Guillaume Dufay: Quel fronte signorille. Performed by Gothic Voices.
  • Guillaume de Machaut: Dame, qui tout ma joie vient. Performed by Gothic Voices.
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