This week's program is an homage to the history and spirit of Notre Dame Cathedral in the wake of the tragic fire. We'll hear music composed by the two great representatives of the Notre Dame School, Leonin and Perotin, whose influence reaches all the way to our time. We'll also hear selections from a 13th century vesper service for Easter performed by the Gregorian Ensemble of the Maîtrise de Notre Dame. 

  • Albertus of Paris: Congaudeant catholici. Performed by Ensemble Organum.
  • Leonin: Alleluya. Paraclitus Spiritus Sanctus. Performed by Red Byrd & Capella Amsterdam.
  • Perotin: Sederunt principes. Performed by The Hilliard Ensemble.
  • Perotin: Dum Sigillum. Performed by The Hilliard Ensemble.
  • Philip the Chancellor: Luto Carens & Le Lai des Pucelles. Performed by Sequentia.
  • Anon.: Selections from 13th century Easter Mass. Performed by Gregorian Ensemble of the Maitrise de Notre Dame.
  • Anon.: Isaias cecinit. Performed by The Hilliard Ensemble.
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