Renaissance Augsburg was rich in both material and cultural wealth. The Augsburg Songbook is a unique collection of sacred and secular music which was compiled in the early 16th century. It contains music by some of the great composers of the time (Josquin, Senfl, Hofhaimer) and also many anonymous gems.

  • Anonymous dances from the Augsburg Songbook: Passamezzo moderno and Nachtanz, Passamezzo Antico, Pavane La Monina. Performed by Forum Alte Musik Augsburg. 
  • Allein dein Huld (Senfl), An freud verzer ich manchen tag (Hofhaimer), Faulte d'argent (Josquin/Cavazzoni), Ave domina (Agricola). Performed by Forum Alte Musik Augsburg.
  • Froh bin ich dein (Hofhaimer). Performed by B-Five Recorder Consort. O dulcis Maria (Hofhaimer), Mors et vita duello (Buchner), Es gieng ain man den berg uff (Buchner). Performed by Albert Bolliger at the historic organ of Valère Basilica, Sion, Switzerland. 
  • Ave Maria (Senfl). Performed by the Choir of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.
  • Plus ne regres (Josquin/Cavazzoni), Entre je suis (Josquin), Damoiselle, Surge virgo, Ab estu mundi (anon.) Performed by Forum Alte Musik Augsburg.
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