Jacob Obrecht's generation was rich in musical talent, including Josquin and de la Rue, yet Obrecht was the most famous composer of masses of his time, acclaimed in Italy as well as his native Flanders. We'll hear Obrecht's Missa de Sancto Donatiano performed by Capella Pratensis, plus motets and secular songs.

  • Anon.: Fanfare “ad modum tubae.” Performed by Les Haults Menestrels de Charles le Temeraire.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Rompeltier. Performed by Les Flamboyants.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Mille Quingentis. Performed by The Clerks’ Group.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Missa De Sancto Donatiano: Kyrie. Performed by Capella Pratensis.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Inter praeclarissimas Virtutes. Performed by The Clerks’ Group.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Missa Fortuna Desperata: Kyrie. Performed by Beauty Farm.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Missa Grecorum: Kyrie. Performed by The Brabant Ensemble.
  • Anon.: Maria Zart, von edler. Performed by Art Ensemble Leones.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Missa Maria Zart: Kyrie. Performed by The Tallis Scholars.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Quod Chorus Vatum. Performed by The Clerks’ Group.
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