2019 marks the 400th anniversary of the birth of Johann Rosenmüller, who was instrumental in importing Italian musical styles to his German homeland. We'll hear a mix of Rosenmüller's sacred and secular works, including sonatas performed by Ensemble Masques, a setting of the Gloria featuring Cantus Cölln, and the motet Salve mi Jesu performed by Gli Incogniti. 

  • Johann Rosenmüller: Christum ducem, qui per crucem. Performed by Robin Blaze, countertenor; The Parley of Instruments.
  • Johann Rosenmüller: Dances. Performed by Tempo Rubato.
  • Johann Rosenmüller: Domine cor meum. Performed by Jesse Blumbert, baritione; ACRONYM.
  • Johann Rosenmüller: Sonata No. 8 in E minor. Performed by ACRONYM.
  • Johann Rosenmüller: Salve mi Jesu. Performed by Gli Incogniti; Wolf Matthias Friedrich, baritone & Raquel Andueza, soprano.
  • Johann Rosenmüller: Gloria. Performed by Cantus Cölln.
  • Johann Rosenmüller: Sonata Sesta a 3 in F Major. Performed by Ensemble Masques.
  • Johann Rosenmüller: Sonata Quarta a 3 in C major (excerpt). Performed by Ensemble Masques.
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