The 11th century Winchester Troper contains some of the earliest examples of polyphonic music: two-part elaborations on Gregorian chant. We'll hear this fascinating repertoire performed by Ensemble Discantus. We'll also hear an example of early polyphony from Musica Enchiriadis, a 9th century music treatise

  • Anon.: Rex Caeli, Domine Maris. Performed by Capella Antiqua München.
  • Anon.: Alleluia Pascha Nostrum Epulemur. Performed by Discantus.
  • Anon.: Postquam factus homo. Performed by Discantus.
  • Anon.: Doxa en Ipsistis. Performed by Discantus.
  • Anon.: Alleluia Rex in Aeternum. Performed by Discantus.
  • Anon.: Firmetur Manus Tua. Performed by Discantus.
  • Anon.: Prome casta contio Carmina. Performed by Discantus.
  • Anon.: Miserere Dominum. Performed by Discantus.
  • Leonin Viderunt: Omnes. Performed by Early Music Consort of London.
  • Anon.: Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat. Performed by Discantus.
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