English composers worked magic with consorts: ensembles made up of different sized instruments of the same family. On this week's show we'll hear music performed by viol consort, recorder consort, and even the so-called broken consort, where instrument types were mixed. Our composers include William Lawes, Matthew Locke, the mysterious Picforth, Byrd, Brade, and others.

  • William Brade: Paduana & Allemandi a 6 in G. Performed by Weser Renaissance Bremen.
  • John Dowland: Lachrimae Gementes. Performed by bFive Recorder Consort.
  • Picforth: In Nomine a 5. Performed by Ensemble Celadon.
  • William Lawes: Consort Set a 5 in c. Performed by Phantasm.
  • Matthew Locke: Broken Consort in D. Performed by The Palladian Ensemble.
  • William Byrd: Prelude & Ground a 5. Performed by Fretwork.
  • William Lawes: Royal Consort Set No. 5 in D. Performed by Les Voix Humaines.
  • William Byrd: Browning a 5. Performed by Fretwork.
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