This edition of Early Music Now recalls the days when Sicily and Naples were politically united. We'll hear one of the few Requiem Masses to be composed in Sicily during the Baroque era, the Messa di Morti by Bonaventura Rubino, performed by the Namur Chamber Choir. We'll also hear instrumental music from Naples played by Ensemble Aurora, from a 2017 release called The Fiery Genius.

  • Pietro Marchitelli: Sonata VIII for 2 violins. Performed by Ensemble Aurora.
  • Giovanni Carlo Cailò: Sonata for 3 violins and organ. Performed by Ensemble Aurora.
  • Bonaventura Rubino: Messa di Morti. Performed by Choeur de Chambre de Namur.
  • Nicola Fiorenza: Allegro. Performed by Ensemble Aurora.
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