This edition of Early Music Now presents performances by all-female ensembles. We'll hear the Oslo-based group Trio Mediaeval perform the 14th century Tournai Mass, plus Anonymous 4 with 13th and 14th century English chant and polyphony. Performances by Sequentia and Psallentes are also included. 

  • Anon/Ockeghem: Ecce vicit leo & Agnus Dei (Missa Sine Nomine). Performed by Psallentes.
  • Anon.: Tournai Mass. Performed by Trio Mediaeval. 
  • Alexander Agricola: Ave Maris. Performed by Stella Encantar. 
  • Anon.: Mater patris et filia. Performed by Sequentia. 
  • Anon.: O gloriosa Dei genitrix. Performed by Sequentia.
  • Anon.: Virga ferax aaron. Performed by Anonymous 4. 
  • Anon.: Kyrie: Orbis Factor. Performed by Anonymous 4. 
  • Anon.: Paradisi porta. Performed by Anonymous 4.
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