German composer Samuel Scheidt came of age at the dawn of the Baroque era, and rode out the horrors of the Thirty Years' War at home while many of his colleagues went into exile. We'll hear a glorious sacred concerto performed by Musica Fiata and La Capella Ducale, organ music performed by Kevin Komisaruk, and dance sets featuring Hesperion XX.

  • Samuel Scheidt: Intrada. Performed by Musica Fiata.
  • Samuel Scheidt: Herzlich Lieb hab ich dich, O Herr. Performed by Kevin Komisaruk, organ.
  • Samuel Scheidt: Wies Gott Gefällt. Performed by Musica Fiata & La Capella Ducale.
  • Samuel Scheidt: Also Gehts, also stehts. Performed by Kevin Komisaruk, organ.
  • Samuel Scheidt: Ist nicht Ephraim mein teuer Sohn. Performed by Vox Luminis.
  • Samuel Scheidt: Ludi Musici (selections). Performed by Musica Fiata.
  • Samuel Scheidt: Paduan. Performed by Ricercar Consort & La Fenice.
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