The centerpiece of this week's show is a superb collaboration between the Philadelphia based Renaissance band Piffaro and Belgium's Capilla Flamenca, featuring Obrecht's secular songs. We'll also hear the Brabant Ensemble performing selections from his Missa Grecorum, plus the moving funeral motet Josquin composed upon Obrecht's death.

  • Jacob Obrecht: Wat willen wij metten budel spelen. Performed by Piffaro.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Waer sij di Han? Performed by Piffaro.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Tandernaken. Performed by Piffaro.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Sullen wij Langhe in drucke moeten leven. Performed by Piffaro.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Rompeltier. Performed by Piffaro & Capilla Flamenca.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Instrumental 1. Performed by Piffaro.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Fors seulement. Performed by Capilla Flamenca.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Missa Grecorum (selections). Performed by The Brabant Ensemble.
  • Josquin des Prez: Absolve quaesumus Domine. Performed by Cappella Amsterdam.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Instrumental 4. Performed by Capilla Flamenca.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Instrumental 3. Performed by Piffaro.
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