Today's show is all about the life, works, and influence of Elizabethan England's Prince of Musical Melancholy, John Dowland! We'll hear performances by Emma Kirkby, Ensemble Daedalus, and bFive Recorder Consort!

  • From 'Dowland in Dublin' featuring tenor Michael Slattery and La Nef (Atma Classique): Say Love if ever thou didst find, Kemp's Jig, Mrs. Winter's Jump, My Lady Hunsdon's Puffe, A Shepherd in a Shade.
  • From 'Time Stands Still' featuring soprano Emma Kirkby and lutenist Anthony Rooley: His golden locks time hath to silver turned, Though you are young and I am old (Thomas Campion), Gather your rosebuds (William Lawes), Mignone allons (anon).
  • Luca Marenzio: Solo e pensoso. Performed by Ensemble Daedalus. From 'Saturn and Polyphony'.
  • Queen Elizabeth's Galliard. Performed by Ronn McFarlane. Prelude and Now oh now I needs must part. Performed by lutenist Thomas Dunsford, soprano Ruby Hugues, tenor Reinoud van Mechelen, tenor Paul Agnew and bass Alain Buet. (Alpha Productions)
  • From "Come Again" (CPO) featuring Hamburger Ratsmusik: The King of Denmark's Galliard. William Brade: Paduana and Galliard.
  • Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck: Pavana Lachrymae. Performed by Liuwe Tamminga at the Hermans organ (1664) at Prioria dello Spirito Santo in Pistoia, Italy.
  • From "In Search of Dowland" featuring bFive Recorder Consort: With the King of Denmark (segment) composed by Carl Rütti (b. 1949). Lachrimae Verae & M. Nicholas Gryffith his Galliard. Coviello Classics.
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