The centerpiece of this show is a 2019 reissue from La Caccia featuring music played, sung, and printed in Antwerp during the 16th century, including a motet written in honor of the city by Tylman Susato. We'll also hear from composers who were active in Antwerp, like Barbireau, Obrecht, and John Bull. 

  • Pierre Phalese: Passamezzo d’Anvers. Performed by La Caccia.
  • Pierre Phalese: Set of Bransles. Performed by La Caccia.
  • Jacobus Barbireau: Missa Virgo Parens Christi-Credo. Performed by The Clerks’ Group.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Laudemus nunc Dominum. Performed by The Clerks’ Group.
  • Leonora Duarte: Sinfonia No. 7. Performed by Sonnambula.
  • Leonora Duarte: Sinfonia No. 2. Performed by Sonnambula.
  • John Bull: Chromatic Pavane & Galliard “Queen Elizabeth”. Performed by Mahan Esfahani, harpsichord.
  • Tielman Susato: Salve quae roseo. Performed by Capilla Flamenca.
  • Orlando di Lasso: Matona mia cara. Performed by Capilla Flamenca.
  • Emanuel Adriaenssen: Allemande Nonette. Performed by Karl-Ernst Schroeder, lute.
  • Andries Pevernage: Ardo Donna per voi. Performed by Capilla Flamenca.
  • Pierre Phalese: Set of Allemandes. Performed by La Caccia.
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