This week's show takes us to a lush medieval garden with The Orlando Consort, with selections from their CD The Rose, the Lily, & the Whortleberry. We'll also hear sensual garden-themed pieces with texts from the Song of Solomon, performed by Stile Antico, and the tender This Day Day Dawes, performed by The Sixteen. 

  • Anon.: N’a pas longtemps. Performed by Ensemble Fortuna.
  • Anon.: En un gardin. Performed by Capilla Flamenca.
  • Anon.: Rosa das Rosas, fror das frores. Performed by Hana Blazikova, soprano.
  • Anon.: This Day Day Dawes. Performed by The Sixteen.
  • Jean Pullois: Flos de Spina. Performed by The Binchois Consort.
  • Clemens non Papa: Ego flos campi. Performed by Stile Antico.
  • Rodrigo de Ceballos: Hortus conclusus. Performed by Stile Antico.
  • Tomas Luis de Victoria: Vidi speciosam. Performed by Stile Antico.
  • Guillaume de Machaut: Rose, liz, printemps, verdure. Performed by The Orlando Consort.
  • Anon.: El mois de Mai. Performed by The Orlando Consort.
  • Clemens non Papa: Au ioly bocquet croist le violette. Performed by The Orlando Consort.
  • Jacques Arcadelt: I vaghi fiori. Performed by The Orlando Consort.
  • William Byrd: All in a Garden Green. Performed by Paul Jenkins, harpsichord.
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