We're spending some time with the Flemish side of the Franco-Flemish style today, including works by Johannes Brassart, Heinrich Isaac, and Ockeghem. The centerpiece of the show is a performance of Jacob Obrecht's exquisite Missa Cela sans plus, featuring A.N.S. Chorus, directed by Janos Bali.

  • Johannes Brassart: Regina Coeli. Performed by Capilla Flamenca.
  • Johannes Brassart: Te dignitas presularis. Performed by Orlando Consort.
  • Johannes Ockeghem: Intemerata Dei mater. Performed by Hilliard Ensemble.
  • Heinrich Isaac: Judea et Jerusalem. Performed by Cinquecento.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Wat willen wij metten budel spelen. Performed by Piffaro.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Den Haghel Ende. Performed by Concerto Palatino.
  • Jacob Obrecht: Missa Cela sans plus. Performed by ANS Chorus.
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