The centerpiece of this week's show is an early example of a Mass built on a secular song: the Missa de la Mapa Mundi by the Spaniard Johannes Cornago, who worked in Italy for the king of Naples, Sicily, and Aragon. We'll also hear secular music from 15th century Spain and Italy, performed by Ensemble Daedalus and the Newberry Consort. 

  • Johannes Cornago: Patres nostris peccaverunt. Performed by Hesperion XXI.
  • Diego Ortiz: Recercada primera. Performed by Hesperus.
  • Juan Cornago: Gentil dama. Performed by Hesperus.
  • Cornago/Ockeghem: Que’s mi vida, preguntays? Performed by Judith Malafronte & Jeffrey Strauss, soloists; The Newberry Consort.
  • Johannes Cornago: Morte, merce. Performed by Ensemble Daedalus.
  • Anon.: O tempo bono. Performed by Ensemble Daedalus.
  • Anon.: Propinan de Melyor. Performed by The Newberry Consort.
  • Anon.: Falla con misuras (La Spagna). Performed by The Newberry Consort.
  • Anon.: Instrumental piece. Performed by The Newberry Consort.
  • Johannes Cornago: Missa de la mapa mundi. Performed by His Majestie’s Clerkes.
  • Francisco de la Torre: La Spagna. Performed by The Newberry Consort.
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