Ensaladas were 'musical salads': a popular genre in 16th century Spain which mixed various styles and languages in the manner of a quodlibet. This show is an ensalada of sorts; a mix of Spanish music ranging from the Missa pro Victoria by Tomas Luis da Victoria, Sephardic romances from medieval Spain, and a charming instrumental ensalada by Sebastián Aguilera de Heredia.

  • Anon.: Avrix mi galanica. Performed by Ensemble Accentus.
  • Anon.: La Serena. Performed by Ensemble Accentus.
  • Anon.: Sa’dawi. Performed by Ensemble Accentus.
  • Anon.: Si verias. Performed by Ensemble Accentus.
  • Anon.: A la nana. Performed by Ensemble Accentus.
  • Sebastian Aguilera de Heredia: Ensalada. Performed by Hesperion XXI.
  • Luis de Narvaez: Mille Regresā€La Cancion del Emperador. Performed by Dolores Costoyas, vihuela.
  • Tomas Luis da Victoria: Missa pro Victoria. Performed by The Cardinall’s Musick.
  • Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz: Achas & Buelta del Hacha. Performed by The Harp Consort.
  • Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz: Paradetas. Performed by The Harp Consort.
  • Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz: El Gran Duque & Baylete. Performed by The Harp Consort.
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