2022 marks the 470th anniversary of the birth of Emperor Rudolf II. Today he's remembered as the patron of artists like Arcimboldo, but the art of music flourished at his court as well. We'll hear from composers linked to Rudolf II like Carolus Luython, Hans Leo Hassler, and Philippe de Monte, with performances by Fraternitas Litteratorum and Currende.

  • Carolus Luython  Maria ein Reis  Fraternitas Litteratorum
  • Carolus Luython  In tribus placitum  Currende
  • Carolus Luython  Fuga Suavissima  Peter Walder, organ
  • Hans Leo Hassler  Intrada III  Currende
  • Hans Leo Hassler  Canzona  Currende
  • Hans Leo Hassler  Intrada V  Currende
  • Hans Leo Hassler  Tantzen und springen  Currende
  • Michael Maier  Ex patre Myrrha  Fraternitas Litteratorum
  • Cipriano de Rore  Ancor che co'l partire  Fraternitas Litteratorum
  • Alessandro Orologio  Cor mio non mi lasciar  Fraternitas Litteratorum
  • Philippe de Monte  Incipit Domino  Fraternitas Litteratorum
  • Carolus Luython  Missa Basim Caesar Vivre (selections)  Fraternitas Litteratorum
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