Music by Andreas Hammerschmidt is in the spotlight this week. His music was so popular in mid-17th century Germany, that one of his contemporaries called him the 'world-celebrated Herr Hammerschmidt'. We'll hear some of his vocal and instrumental music performed by Hesperion XX and Weser-Renaissance Bremen.

  • Andreas Hammerschmidt- Kunst des Kuessens- Andreas Scholl, countertenor; Markus Markl, harpsichord 
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt- Suite in d for Gambas- Hesperion XX
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt- Freude, Freude, grosse, Freude- Vox Luminus
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt- Wie Lieblich sind deine Wohnungen- Vox Luminus
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt- Herr unser Herrscher- Weser-Renaissance Bremen
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt- Nun danket alle Gott- Weser-Renaissance Bremen
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt- Suite in G for winds- Hesperion XX
  • Andreas Hammerschmidt- Meine Seele erhebt den Herren- Gli Scarlattisti
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