We're celebrating the life and music of Heinrich Schütz in 2022, which marks the 350th anniversary of his death. Today's show presents a recent release from Les Cris de Paris, which showcases the Italian influences on Schütz's music, especially that of Giovanni Gabrieli, with whom he worked in Venice. We'll also hear Italian madrigals by Schütz, performed by Cantus Cölln.

  • Heinrich Schütz- Alleluja! Lobet den Herren, SWV 38- Les Cris de Paris
  • Heinrich Schütz- Die mit Tränen säen, SWV 42- Les Cris de Paris
  • Heinrich Schütz- O primavera, SWV 1- Cantus Cölln
  • Heinrich Schütz- Selve beate, SWV 3- Cantus Cölln
  • Heinrich Schütz- Alma afflita, SWV 4- Cantus Cölln
  • Heinrich Schütz- Vasto mar, SWV 19- Cantus Cölln
  • Heinrich Schütz- An den Wassern zu Babel, SWV 37- Les Cris de Paris
  • Samuel Scheidt- Paduana Dolorosa SSWV 42- Les Cris de Paris
  • Heinrich Schütz- O quam tu pulchra es, SWV 265- Les Cris de Paris
  • Heinrich Schütz- Veni de Libano, veni amica mea, SWV 266- Les Cris de Paris
  • Heinrich Schütz- Danket dem Herren, den er is Freundlich, SWV 45- Les Cris de Paris
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