This week's edition of Early Music Now presents works by Parisian composers like Perotin and Jehan de Lescurel, performed by the Hilliard Ensemble and Ensemble Céladon. We'll also hear medieval songs of fate, fortune, and distant love from a recent release by the New York-based ensemble Concordian Dawn.

  • Philip the Chancellor- In omni fratre tuo- Catalina Vicens & Jankees Braaksma, organs 
  • Perotin- Viderunt Omnes- The Hilliard Ensemble
  • Anon. - La Septime Estampie Real- Concordian Dawn
  • Philippe de Vitry- Tribum que/Quoniam secta- Concordian Dawn
  • Anon. - O varium fortune lubricum- Concordian Dawn
  • Anon. - Heu, Fortuna subdola- Concordian Dawn
  • Anon. - Procurans odium- Concordian Dawn
  • Anon. - Qui de Fortune atende asses avoir- Concordian Dawn
  • Anon. - De monte lapis- Concordian Dawn
  • Anon. - Hypocritae, pseudopontifices- Concordian Dawn
  • Jehan de Lescurel- Dis tans plus- Ensemble Celadon
  • Jehan de Lescurel- Fi, mesdisan esragie- Ensemble Celadon
  • Jehan de Lescurel- Guilleurs me font mout souvent- Ensemble Celadon
  • Jehan de Lescurel- Gracieusette- Ensemble Celadon
  • Jehan de Lescurel- Abundance de felonie- Ensemble Celadon
  • Jehan de Lescurel- Belle, com loiaus amans- Ensemble Celadon
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